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Simulating high water
Simulating high water


Article explaining this archive

AMP Documents 1999 to Present (AMP II)




Annual Reports

Strategic Plan

Desired Future Conditions


Acronym interpretation

Adaptive Management Program Website. Reclamation.

Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center. US Geological Survey

2010 - US Geological Survey Publications & here (October 2010) 

2010 - Secretarial Order #3305 (Scientific Integrity)

2011 - Analysis of the 2000 low steady flow. Ralston.

Documents of the Transistion Work Group

Summary of the Transition Work Group

Year 1995
Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four

Year 1996
Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five
Part six
Part seven

Year 1997

Meeting minutes

01: Attendance
02: Long-term M&R strategic plan 01
03: Long-term M&R strategic plan 02
04; Lake Powell water quality
05: Review of sufficient progress
06: Summary of 1996 experimental flood
List of attachments
Meeting agenda

Cover letter

The Transition Work Group is replaced by the Adaptive Management Work Group and the Technical Work Group

Summary of the Transition Work Group

AMP DOCUMENTS LISTED BY YEAR (color-coded by work group)
(AMWG) Adaptive Management Work Group
(TWG) Technical Work Group

1997 - September 10 (AMWG)
Link to AMWG website
01: AMWG charter (filed February 4, 1997)
02: List of attendees
03: Regulation of federal advisory groups
04: Federal Register Notice
05: Agenda and sample of operating procedures
06: Flow chart of coordination with AOP and annual report under GCPA
07: Draft annual report to Congress outline
08: AOP work group scenarios for 1998 plan of operation
09: Reclamation's budget justification for FY98 budget
10: Temperature control device update

1997 - October (TWG)
01: Agenda
02: TWG procedure
03: 1996-97 report to Congress
Final minutes
List of attachments

1997 - November (TWG)
01: Minutes
02: TWG members
03a is missing
03b: Program Formulation Process
04a: Roles, Responsibilities, Schedules & Integration
04b: Figure 1
04c: Implementing AMP process
05a: ESA reinitiation of consultation
05b: Implementation of biological opinion
05c: Other work regarding BO
05d: Federal Register June 3, 1986
05e: Biological assessment of 1996 BHBF
05f: Categorical Exclusion Checklist
05g: Review of sufficient progress
05h: 1995 Final Biological Opinion
05i: Reclamation's response to 1995 BO
05j: Biological opinion of 1996 BHBF
05k: Reclamation's response to review of sufficient progress
05l: November 1997 test flow from GCD
06: Incorporation of long-term climate variability
07: Dam release issues for further study
08: Report of spike flow subgroup
08a: Table
09: Potential spring 1998 experimental flow
09a: Matrix table
10a: Schedule for FY98 program
10b: GCMRC targets
10c: GCRMC FY98 biological resources program
10d: Draft FY97 report to Congress
10e: Draft 1998 annual plan of operations
11a: The state of natural and cultural resources
11b: The state of resources draft outline
12: Draft FY99 annual monitoring and research plan
13a: Outline of chapter 3 FY99 monitoring and research
13b: FY99 conceptual modeling activities
14: Information technology program
15: Meeting agenda
Final minutes
List of attachments
Web site for meeting

1997 - December (TWG)
01: November 1997 minutes
02: TWG operating procedures
03a: Report of NEPA/ESA issues to TWG
03b: 2nd report of NEPA/ESA issue to TWG
03c: Recommendations to TWG for expediting compliance
04: Proposed program estimates
05: Program schematic
06: The state of natural and cultural resources
07: Draft FY 97 report to Congress
08: Draft discussion of science advisory board
09: Draft GCD release issues for further study
10: Executive summary BHBF triggering criteria
11: Effects on resources from 45,000 cfs releases from GCD
12: AMWG/TWG home page
Bruce Moore notes
Final minutes
GCMRC FY98-99 biological resources program
List of attachments
Web site for meeting

1998 - January 15 (AMWG)
Link to AWMG website
January 1998 minutes
Budget and process
Report: ESA/NEPA subgroup
Improve coordination
Letter from TWG to AMWG
01: Attendees
03: NEPA review
04: NEPA, ESA, and NHPA compliance
06: Hydrology report
205: Impacts of Nov. 1997 31,000 cfs test flow
206b: GCD releases
206c: BHBF triggering criteria
206d: 1999 AOP.
207a: Draft plan for BHBF in 1998
207b: Guidelines for BHBF
207c: Compliance timetable for BHBF
208: AOP meeting schedule
209a: Needs for channel mapping
209b: Channel mapping efforts
209c: Channel mapping pilot studies
210: Assessment of water quality from GCD operations
211: Draft report to Congress
212: Draft annual monitoring and research plan
Web site for meeting
List of attachments

1998 - January (TWG)
January 1998 Final Minutes
Email Msgs
01: Draft research and monitoring plan for BHBF
202: AMP roles, responsibilities, schedules & integrgration
203a: Estimated effects of 45,000 cfs release
203b: Figures associated with effects matrix
203c: Prolems and conserns
203d: Recommendations
203e: Draft research and monitoring for a BHBF
204a: Impacts of November 1997 31,000 cfs test flow
204b: Broken link
204c: Climate and the Colorado River: The limits of management

205a: General planning guidelines for BHBF
205b: BHBF compliance timetable
205c: Section 7 and NEPA compliance
205d: GCMRC contingency monitoring program for BHBF
206: Revised discussion paper science advisory board
207: WAPA's Email for concern of spike flow
208: The endangered Kanab ambersnail studies and actions
209a: FY98 technology upgrades for channel mapping
209b: FY99 pilot studies of Lidar mapping
209c: FY2000 channel mapping Lidar and multi-beam
January 1998 final minutes
List of attachments

1998 - February (TWG)
Draft agenda
Revised discussion paper of science advisory board
Hydrology report
GCD Temperature Control proposed environmental assessment
200: Minutes of January 1998
201: Minutes of January 1998
02: Sponsored projects for year 1998
03: Proposed program cost estimates
04: GCD spillway gate extensions analysis
05: Scoping of impacts of temperature control
06: Draft outline for state of natural and cultural resources
07: Management objectives ad hoc group
08: Analysis of monthly release volumes to a BHBF
09: Data from gaging stations for BHBF
10: Revised discussion paper science advisory board
11: Comparison of BHBF & HMF and sediment conservation flows
February 1998 final minutes
List of attachments.doc
List of attachments.pdf
Meeting notice

1998 - March (TWG)
Cover Letter
Estimated Effect of 45,000 cfs spike flow
Meeting html
01: February 1998 TWG minutes
02: Proposed program estimates
02a: Program organization chart
03: Management objectives
04: Water quality resources in Lake Powell
05: State of natural and cultural resources outline
06: Discussion paper of science advisory board
07; Memo on effects matrix and resource criteria
08: Draft GCMRC contingency plan unanticipated high flows
09: Presetation of trust responsibilities to the tribes
10: Integration of programatic agreement with tribes
11: Programatic agreement funding activity
12a: Snow conditions
12b: River forecast
12c: GCD releases
13: Presentations for upcoming TWG meeting
14: Possible effects of a temperature control device
Final minutes
List of attachments.doc
List of attachments.pdf

1998 - April (TWG)
01: March 1998 proposed program estimate
01a: Draft research and monitoring plan BHBF
01: Proposed program estimates
02: Management objectives
03: Fax on science advisory board approach
04: Effects matrix process and assumptions
05: Proposed research responses of BHBF
06: Snow conditions
07: Section 7 consultation and AMP
08: General planning guidelines for BHBF
09: Tour of GCD and river trip to Lee's Ferry
10a: Review of GCMRC physical science progress BHBF
10b: Sand deposition from Little COlorado River flooding
10c: A model of diurnal discharge wave propagation
10d:Uncertainty, resource exploitation and conservation
10e: Colorado River: How fast does it flow?
10f: Modeling of sand movement asd storage
10g: Modifications to one-dimensional model of unsteady flow
10h: BHBF handouts
10i: Relation of graded deposits to suspended-sediment
Federal Register Notice
List of attachments

1998 - May (TWG)
03: Presentation of federal agencies and tribal responsibilities
06: NPS newsletter of Colorado River Management Plan
07: Spillway gate extensions
08: Proposal to develop research plan for BHBF
List of attachments

1998 - June (TWG)
201: Minutes March 1998 meeting
202: Minutes of April 1998 meeting
205: Position paper for renewal of AMWG charter
206b: A protocol for out year program planning
14: Announcement from NASA about hyperspectral data
15a: Southwest strategy update
15b: Southwest Strategy Reporter
15c: Southwest strategy organizational structure
15d: Southwest strategy collaborative commuications
15e: Interagency memo on southwest strategy direction
16a: GCD releases
16b: Inflow forecasts
16c: GCD release chart
List of attachments
List of attachments 02
Draft Minutes
Final Minutes

1998 - JULY (TWG)
List of attachments
Final minutes
Integration of programatic agreement

1998 - July 21 (AMWG)
Link to AMWG web site
Attach_01: Meeting web site
Attach_07: Final discussion paper of science advisory board
Draft_July 1998 Minutes
Index tabs.wpd
Memo: Status of planning documents
List of attachments
Transmittal Letter

1998 - September (TWG)
04: Proposed program estimate
Final minutes

1998 - November (TWG)
01: Minutes of July 1998 meeting
02: Minutes of September 1998 meeting
03: FY2000-2004 budget estimate
04a: FY1999 cultural resources
04b:FY1999 socio-economic resources
04c: FY2000 physical resources
04d: FY1999 biological resources
05a: Protocol for out year budget planning
05b: Budget protocols & federal budget process
06: Snow conditions
07: Proposal for fall maintenance flows
08: Summary of spill avoidance discussions
09: Recent developments in Kanab ambersnail
10: AGFD monitoring of Kanab ambersnails
11: Index to compliance report
12: Draft state of natural and cultural resources
13: WAPA executive summary replacement resources process
14: Integration of programatic agreement discussion paper
15: Lake Powell monitoring and research program
16: Adopt a beach program
Final minutes
List of attachments.pdf

1998 - December (TWG)
1997 TWG operating procedures
01: November 1998 minutes
02: Lake Powell monitoring and research program
03: Snow conditions
04: Draft research plan response for alternative BHBF
05: BHBF resource criteria analysis
06: Resource category aquatic resources
07: Draft report BHBF resource criteria
08: Draft state of natural and cultural resources
09: Kanab ambersanil workshop
10: Symposium on FY 1998 science results
Final minutes
List of attachments

1999 - January 11 (TWG)
Link to official TWG web site (still broken)
01a: Draft report on BHBF process
01b: Draft report on resource criteria analysis
03: Comments on Moody/Cook proposal
Final minutes January 11, 1999 meeting
Final minutes of January 13, 1999 meeting


Continued at AMP Part II


Public Notices


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